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Games Workshop Coming to Your Turn

Your Turn has partnered with Games Workshop! Soon, you will be able to purchase and order all of Games Workshop's products here. If you are unfamiliar with Games Workshop, they are a manufacturer of miniature games and hobby products. Their most recognized product line is the Warhammer miniatures game.

We are excited to work with Games Workshop, bringing their line of paint and painting supplies to our store. They were kind enough to donate 50 models (miniatures) and demo painting kits for our upcoming painting classes. You can learn more about our classes here.

In addition to their paints, we'll also carry miniatures, models, and books from Games Workshop's various product lines. Our initial order is on the way and will be available at Your Turn very soon. We can even special order products for in-store pickup with no shipping charge. Is there something you'd like to see us carry? Let us know in the comments!

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