About Your Turn

Your Turn is truly a labor of love for us, some of our fondest memories from childhood are anchored around playing board games with friends or family. In an increasingly digital world, Board games offer a unique to create physical and personal connections with the people and spaces around us.

Your Turn is a space for people to come together and connect with others through structured play. We have gathered a vast selection of over 2,000 games spanning from old classics to new challenges. We want it to be a welcoming and comfortable space for people to meet together for date night, a family outing, a small group, or a large party.

While you're here, be sure to grab something to keep you gaming!  We serve a selection of specialty coffees and teas featuring local roaster The Coffee Exchange.

Daniel Urdzik
Owner / Game Master

Daniel is the creator of the popular YouTube channel “Gray Board Gamer.” With over 4k subscribers, the channel features board-game play-through videos and other content that is suggested and chosen by the viewers.



Sarrah Vesselov
Owner / Marketing & Technology

Sarrah holds an MBA in Marketing and has worked in tech as a user experience designer and engineer for over 15 years. She is an international speaker and author, her book "Building Design Systems" was published by Apress in 2019.


Starting a business takes lots of hard work, money, and the support of a lot of other people. We launched a Kickstarter campaign to generate interest and raise some startup capital. We couldn't have made this dream of ours come true without these (in no particular order) incredible people.
 Benjamin Hong  Brian  Tabitha Karcher
 Clement Ho  Alex Hanselka  Nick
 Rickylee Leonard  Hui-yu Yang  Joseph Brueggen
 Katherine Trammell  Andy Matthews  John Miyasato
 Evan  Katherine Okpara  Jeremy Commandeur
 Jose Ivan Vargas  Katie Pearce  Randal
 Tony Brum  Imperial Publishing Inc  Rocky Lee
 Job van der Voort  Charles Wallace  Paul Wise
 Amanda  Jason L Perry  Bill Eastman
 Tori  Andrea Cannistra  Dimitrie Hoekstra
 Jeffery Duke  Patrick Connolly  Mohammad Lutfiyya
 W.J.  IamDefiler  Charles Burgess
 Charles Villard  Lonnie Kitchen  Teresa Williams
 Adam MacDonald  Andrew Croftcheck  Mockware
 Samuel Goffe  Simon Kirschner  Beth Honeycutt
 Pedro Moreira da Silva  Andre Luis  Jeremy Watson
 Amber Stickel  Amanda Folson  Jacob Schatz
 Gerrit Van Lent  Dmitry Zaporozhets  Rebecca Reese
 Scott Wilson  The Creative Fund  Tiffany & Brad Bohen
 Sarah Voegeli