Your Turn will be closed for the Holidays starting December 23, 2022 and will re-open for reservations on January 3, 2023. Have a wonderful holiday, see you next year :D


What is a board game cafe?

A board game cafe is a place you can go alone or with friends to enjoy good food and games.

You don't need to play games while you are here!


I've never been to a board game cafe before, how does it work?

If you'd like to play games, there is a $5 gaming fee to stay and play for as long as you want. There are no in and out privileges.

The cost of food and drink is not included. 


Can I play for a bit, leave, and then come back?

There are no in and out privileges. If you need to step out for some fresh air, that's OK.


Why do I need to pay a fee?

This fee helps us cover the cost of damages and maintenance to our collection of books and games.


What if I don't want to play a game?

No problem! If you are only purchasing food, you do not need to pay the $5 gaming fee.


Do kids pay the $5 gaming fee?

Children ages eleven and up pay the $5 gaming fee if they are staying to play games.

An adult must accompany children ten and under.


Do you offer multiple-visit passes?

We offer a ten-visit gaming pass as well as a twelve-month gaming membership card.

Ten-visit gaming pass costs $40 and is valid for one player only. There is no expiration date.

A twelve-month gaming membership card costs $200 and is valid for one person only. The membership pass expires one year from the date of purchase. Pass-holders enjoy 10% off food and drink and 20% off new board games.


What games do you have?

Oh boy, …a lot! We keep a comprehensive list of our available games here on Board Game Geek. We are continually adding to our collection, so check back often. Don't see something you love to play? We love suggestions! Use this form to suggest a game we don't have or an upcoming Kickstarter.


Do you have WIFI?

Absolutely! While many board game cafes stress the importance of unplugging, we recognize the importance of digital connection. Please enjoy the free Wifi and let us know if you have any trouble connecting.


I want to come in and work on my computer for a few hours, is that OK?

Of course! We do kindly ask that you make at least a small purchase to help offset the cost of running the space and providing Wifi.


Do you sell board games?

Yes we will! Check back in the coming weeks as we add games to our site and store.


Can we bring in our games to play?

Yes, be sure to check-in and let us know, so we don't confuse your game with one of ours. The $5 gaming fee does not apply when you bring in your own games to play.


Can we bring in snacks and drinks?

No, we do not allow outside food and drink.


Can we get food and drinks to go?



I'd love to host a special event at your cafe, can I do that?

Yes! We host private and corporate events. You can fill out an information form here, and we will be in touch shortly.


Can you teach my friends and me how to play a game?

Yes, you can set up a time with one of our game masters who will teach you how to play a game. Give us a call to request a day/time, the number of people in your group, and your board game of choice. We can also recommend games for you if needed.


Do you accept board game donations?

Yes! We accept donations of board games, no matter the condition. Please email us at