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Dungeon Donuts - d6 Donut Dice Set
Dungeon Donuts - d6 Donut Dice Set

Dungeon Donuts - d6 Donut Dice Set

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Hot out of the mold, these dungeon donuts are the sweetest thing to hit RPGs since the Gelatinous Cube! A half dozen pipped d6s are the perfect portion to take with you to any tabletop game. Each dungeon donut d6 comes with a tiny donut cabochon inside, and the half dozen comes packaged in a perfect carrying tin- complete with parchment paper (just like real donuts!).

In our Dungeon Donut set, you will receive:
*6 pipped D6 dice-1 assorted chocolate/strawberry/vanilla donut inside each die
*Parchment paper wrapper
*Dungeon Donut carrying tin

Each Dungeon Donut set will come "assorted"- there will be at least one of each "flavor", but some sets will have more vanilla, or more chocolate, or more strawberry to keep with the half-dozen theme.

These dice are 16mm pipped d6s.

These Dungeon Donuts were designed by the.evergreen.burrow, and brought to life in conjunction with Dual Wield Studios LLC. Manufacturing was facilitated/imported by Dual Wield Studios LLC.