Lawman: A Roleplaying Game About Interstellar Bounty Hunters And Shooting People For Money

Lawman: A Roleplaying Game About Interstellar Bounty Hunters And Shooting People For Money

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LAWMAN is a zany science-fiction/pseudo-western tabletop RPG that's intended to be tongue-in-cheek and designed for quick, throw-away space adventures or a steady, dedicated campaign. 

 You drop in the space boots of a barely trained new hire of your own design, with a head full of loosely correct guidelines and operation procedures, in a universe full of other bizarre, unbalanced people who happened to be just as misinformed and potentially dangerous as yourself.

 Except that at the end of the day, you are playing "the good guys."

The good guys, in this instance, go after the multitude of bad guys that exist in the known Galactic Core. (Former Lawmen who become recently unemployed, even those amongst their crew, also run the risk of being apprehended.) You use whatever means necessary (and within reason, otherwise risking termination) to accomplish your goal of hunting down space trash, get paid on their heads, dead or alive, and repeat. 

 It can be played with 2 to 5 other people with an entry-level understanding of what a tabletop RPG is. (Big bonuses if they like Sci-Fi and/or pop culture garbage.)  

 All of these people (save for one) are a crew of Lawmen, out with a similar goal, but easily self-motivated enough to backstab, betray and otherwise ruin each other if it means additional power or prestige from the company at the end of the day. 

 The one player who is not part of the crew runs the story, organizes the random menagerie of events and bad people and things that encounter the crew - in a role called the Direct Manager (or DM). 

 The DM creates stories and events based on the responses of the crew's reactions in the form of storytelling. They give the crew challenges, sudden plot twists, interesting story points, craft interesting adversaries, and also reasons to laugh, relax, or adversely be nervous for the safety of their characters and belongings, and  - the kind of fun that your semi-regular Friday night tabletop RPG deserves to be.

 All the players and DM need are a single twenty-sided dice, a sheet of paper (or have some of the included character sheets printed off, but even index cards will work.) and that's really it. It's designed to be incredibly pick-up-and-go friendly for even the most novice of players once you understand the core rules.