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Maximum Apocalypse - The Few and Cursed Expansion

Maximum Apocalypse - The Few and Cursed Expansion

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In a post-apocalyptic world where 90 percent of the planet's water just disappeared, humanity was forced to learn to survive at any cost. Seventy years have passed and the moral codes that maintain society are increasingly folklore - it is now every man for himself and the strongest wins.

Based on the indie comic, The Few and Cursed, this expansion features a brand new Curse Chaser class based on the heroine of the series, the Redhead. With 60 monster cards, a 31 card Curse Chaser deck, 5 promo cards, 8 map tiles, 3 standees, 6 curse tokens, the Few and Cursed expansion introduces you to a brand new apocalyptic world full of dangers. This expansion introduces the Cursed status effect which affects how the cards and map tiles interact with your character. In this alternate Old West, the meek find an edge or they perish. Will you perish?

—description from the publisher