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Maximum Apocalypse - Time Traveler Expansion

Maximum Apocalypse - Time Traveler Expansion

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The Time Traveler Expansion, designed by Todd Walsh (Set a Watch) and inspired by his love of Sci-Fi, features a quirky survivor who is great at avoiding combat. With 12 monster cards, 8 time anomalies, 2 standees, 2 map tiles, and a 30 card Time Traveler deck, this expansion introduces you to tons of time hopping hijinks. Whenever the Traveler is played, you introduce their Time Pod, which you can use to teleport around the map. Of course when you rip through space time there are bound to be consequences. You will have to watch out for time anomalies as well...

Maximum Apocalypse: Wasted Wilds is required to play!

—description from the back of the box