Play Dead of Winter

Play Dead of Winter

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WHEN: Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 7PM to 11PM

COST: $5 per person

"Crossroads" is a game series from Plaid Hat Games that tests a group of survivors' ability to work together and stay alive while facing crises and challenges from both outside and inside. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, the first title in this series, puts 2-5 players in a small, weakened colony of survivors in a world in which most of humanity is either dead or diseased, flesh-craving monsters. Each player leads a faction of survivors, with dozens of different characters in the game.

Ranked #113/120k on BGG(Top .1%)


We are excited to share Dead of Winter: A Crossroads with you as part of our October Halloween Board Game Spotlight series. The cost to attend this play session is $5. Our Game master will walk you through, getting you playing quickly and easily. Come early and stay after - no need to pay another game fee!