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Rough and Tumbler Tea Thermos
Rough and Tumbler Tea Thermos
Rough and Tumbler Tea Thermos
Rough and Tumbler Tea Thermos

Rough and Tumbler Tea Thermos

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The perfect flask for tea lovers: Hot or cold brew your favourite D&Tea™ brand tea (or really any of your delicious teas you’ve got tucked away in that massive tea closet of yours) easily and even on-the-go. Just pop your tea into the built in tea infuser and you’re ready to go.

Traditional Americana tattoo class design: Do not soak bamboo in water. We suggest you hand wash them to protect the art but we are not your dungeon master. Don’t freeze or microwave.

  •  PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Made from double-insulated food grade 18/8 stainless steel, this thermos was made for brewing tea and keeping it at the perfect temperature all day long. Its double-walled, vacuum-sealed design with inverted threading provides exceptional heat (and cold) retention while also preventing leaks. This should fit in most cup holders and will survive being thrown into your RPG bag (though maybe keep it away from the dice to protect the art).
  • USE CAUTION: THIS STAYS HOT – Read the reviews, ask about it in our Facebook Group, look on Twitter: This thermos stays hot and for a long time. You can still burn your mouth after 10 hours. The vacuum sealing regulates interior temperatures and insulates your tea (or coffee, if you want to do us that way). Keep your drink hot or cold all day without any messes or condensation.  Keep your drinks stylishly hot or cold for your entire gaming session*.
  • IT’S NOT JUST FOR TEA – Of course, you can brew tea in this with the built in tea infuser. However, the mesh size allows for excellent cold brewing of coffee overnight or for any of your fruit infusions. The stainless steel also wont hold any smells or flavours making it perfect to use any of your things you want to keep hot or cold. Smoothies, water, wine, juice, beer, or even a good clam chowder now and then.
  • SAFE FOR YOU, SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – The outer shell is made of renewable and sustainable bamboo while the inside is stainless steel making this an incredibly environmentally friendly no waste choice for your beverages. BPA-free and totally non-toxic. Worry about the beholders, not what’s in your bottle.