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Holy ship, we're sinking! The Titanic has just struck the iceberg and she's sinking FAST. Play as Jack, Rose, Cal, Ruth, or the Captain as you race around the ship saving as many passengers as possible before the ship is completely submerged.

You'll make life and death decisions on every turn, choosing among saving passengers, upgrading your capabilities to save more next turn, or snagging point cards to relive nostalgic moments from the movie.

You have 5 possible actions on each turn - Move from room to room, save passengers you've picked up, pick up an item from a room, play a card, or use your character's special ability. You can use multiple actions on your turn based on the amount of action cubes you have.

After each individual player's turn, one of 36 Titanic tiles are flooded, creating a fast paced game that forces you to continually race to the top, lest you end up submerged in the icy depths of the Atlantic.

Your choices will involve deciding which items to pick when you enter rooms, and navigating the maze that is the Titanic to chart a quick path to give you the most points. You can earn points through saving passengers and playing star cards - but you won't know what cards you'll get until you draw them. The game ends when the Titanic is completely flooded, and the player with the most points wins.

-description from publisher